University recruiting, also called campus recruiting or college recruiting, is a process that involves recruiting of qualified students and campus graduates to fill entry level positions, co-ops, and internships in various locations and business units. It is the responsibility of a university recruiter to coordinate recruiting activities, build and maintain relationships with the faculty and campus placement offices. He or she visits various campuses all across the country with the goal of finding the most talented, career minded job seekers to fill certain positions in his/her company.

Nowadays, young adults are not only concerned about finding a degree related job after their graduation, they have also become more concerned about field related internships. The good thing about this is that many of these young adults are students currently enrolled at colleges/universities around the country and are extremely eager to apply their newly acquired skills to a real workplace setting -- which is very promising, and is what many companies are looking for.

It is definitely a win-win situation for both parties. Students taking the internship will gain a lot of business knowledge, have the opportunity to apply what they've learned, and most importantly, resume development. And as for the companies hiring these young interns, they'll have an educated, part time workforce, that will not be as expensive. On-campus recruiting events are usually held during September, October and November, so companies have adequate time for their start dates for the following year.